Litsub is an email-based community of writers, editors, readers, and literary folks. Started in 2019, is a place for people to share in their love of writing.

Email remains the most robust, intimate social community online. Letters to friends are thoughtful, deep, and empowering.

Join the Community

The community is based on a group of different mailing lists you can join. Litsub runs some of it’s own mailing lists and there are some you can join which are run by other writers.

Sign up to the Writer’s List or view all of the public lists at

Create Your Own Community

The Litsub platform gives people a place to create communities around their writing or their favorite topic without needing any technical experience.

It’s free of charge and always will be.

If you’d like to run your own mailing list, please get in contact with the administrators of the site at <>.